Resources: Grants for Reusable Transport Packaging

Use Reusables Grants

Reusable transport packaging is commonly used by farmers
like Smit Ranch at the Castro Valley farmers market.

Use Reusables (UR) Grants are currently available for organizations planning to incorporate reusable packaging into their manufacturing, transport and/or distribution systems.

  • Projects of all sizes will be considered, up to $5,000 per award request. 
  • Projects must prevent waste and incorporate reusable transport packaging that will be reused multiple times.  Examples of reusable transport packaging include durable pallets, totes or bins, reusable pallet wrap or other reusable transport packaging solutions. 

Deadline for applications is March 15, 2018.

Grant Info Packet (PDF)

Application Form (MS Word)

Look for the file(s) in your downloads folder or on your desktop. Complete and submit no later than March 15, 2018 as an e-mail attachment to Reusables@StopWaste.Org. You can also print, complete and scan your application, then submit by e-mail. 

Questions? Review the FAQ below or contact us at Reusables@StopWaste.Org.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Apply?
To be eligible for a UR grant, you must be an incorporated private company, non-profit organization, public agency, or institution and in compliance with all U.S. federal, state and local land use, regulatory and permit requirements.

Which Projects Are Eligible?
Projects of all sizes will be considered. To be eligible, your project must:

  1. replace single- or limited-use transport packaging with durable pallets or bins, reusable pallet-wrap, expanded use of intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) or other reusable transport packaging solutions;
  2. be implemented within six months of application, or have been implemented in the six months prior to application; and
  3. fit one of the following descriptions:
    1. The project demonstrates the ability to prevent waste in Alameda County during the course of project implementation, OR
    2. The project is a pilot located outside of Alameda County, with the intent or potential to replicate it to realize benefits to Alameda County, should the pilot be successful, OR
    3. The project demonstrates that the materials/products being shipped in the transport packaging have an end destination in Alameda County.

How Are Funds Allocated?
Award requests of up to $5,000 will be considered. Grant monies can be used to fund equipment costs, labor costs, and other costs that are essential to the implementation of the project, such as educational materials for employees or customers.

How Do I Apply?
Download the grant application form, then complete and submit no later than March 15, 2018 as an e-mail attachment to Reusables@StopWaste.Org. You can also print, complete and scan your application, then submit by e-mail.

For more information, please email Reusables@StopWaste.Org.