Resources: Waste Prevention Equipment Grants

Waste Prevention Equipment Grants

Reusable transport packaging is commonly used by farmers
like Smit Ranch at the Castro Valley farmers market.

Grant Cycle will Open in Spring 2021

These grants fund equipment and durable operational materials that help eliminate waste in two specific categories: transport packaging and surplus edible food.

Reusable Transport Packaging prevents waste by replacing limited-life packaging used in manufacturing, transportation and/or distribution with durable alternatives, designed for many years of use. Typical examples are the replacement of cardboard boxes with hand-held plastic totes or disposable plastic film used to secure loads onto pallets with reusable pallet wraps.

Food Donation Transport and Storage Equipment prevents food waste by supporting the rescue (donation) of suplus edible food that would otherwise go to waste, thereby increasing capacity for businesses to donate food and/or organizations to safely transport and distribute food for donation. Typical examples are temperature-controlled food storage equipment such as insulated totes, thermal blankets, refrigerators and freezers.